Things around me

Step1. The experience of the environment

source: myself

When I don’t sleep, I always sit at the bottom of my bed and from there I can see my whole bedroom properly. I can see my wooden drawers and my red desk with the objects I leave there in disorder. Nearby there’s my chair with some clothes onto. I can also see my pillow out from under the blankets since I don’t cover it when I make my bed because I move it all around. It’s possible to notice the rose-shaped lights that I never switch on but that I put on the wall because I like them. There’s also a light blue stuff that I couldn’t know how to define because of his strange aspect but that is very useful, since it’s almost like a bookshelf where to leave everything I wouldn’t know where to put otherwise. Eventually in front of me there’s a window big enough to let the sunlight in, of course together with a white curtain.


Why did you choose this place?

I chose this place because it’s the room in which I spend most of my time. It’s my own bedroom and it has got everything I need and nobody else enters.

What makes you comfortable?

I like leaning my back onto the wall and stretching out my legs, I feel very comfortable in this position and I also have a great view of all the things around me. Looking at my stuffs gives me a sense of peace and quietness.

There is some disruptive element?

I don’t feel like there are any disruptive elements since everything is placed according to what I wanted so I’ve got not reason to feel bad about it.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

I’m sure I wouldn’t feel the same way in another place right now. I can say that certainly because I’ve just moved from Italy where I have another bedroom and staying there makes me feel a bit different, even though they’re both my rooms. I mean that I feel comfortable in both these places but they make me feel good in two different ways.

Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants?

In my opinion every kind of place in which we spend our time can affect our feelings. If we spend a long time in a place, it can also affect our personality and behavior. 


I’m pretty sure that the conditions of a place influence the people in, because they create an atmosphere that make people feel in different ways. It’s not only about the dimensions of the space around us but also the way it’s structured.

Would you change anything?

I wouldn’t change anything in this room since I’ve been placing everything in the way I wanted and I feel very comfortable with that.


Step2. Reading and understanding the text and writing reflections on it

Describing how he feels about architecture, Peter Zumthor manages to transmit perfectly his strong passion. From the beginning it’s possible to understand how much he loves his own job that it becomes a source of joy for him. He thinks that architecture is able to affect immediately people in the same way music does. The view of something has a different impact on everyone such as a musical composition, this is pretty impressive! We can perceive how architecture influences the architect himself also from his own words, from the description of his emotions while being surrounded by architectures. He develops his speech accurately so it’s easy for the reader to get his point of view. His aim is to make everyone understand the importance of the architectural expression that is not only confined in geometric shapes. He tells that architecture is about people’s interaction with objects, which means the capability of the real to touch in the inner immediately. However the process of giving atmosphere through buildings is hard and requires a continuous effort. Furthermore the combination of different things becomes like an anatomic issue because the creation is something real that we can touch and not only an ephemeral idea aim in itself. For this reason the materials put together have to be compatible one to each other in order to make the combination works. Zumthor emphasizes the fact that architectural constructions are something belonging a life, producing sound, making people in feel in different ways. In return people can make their spaces come to life, giving the objects their own presence. Therefore it’s very important to pay attention to each detail, from the peculiarity of light reflecting on objects to the big dimensions of the complete structure. He said that architecture becomes part of people life, that means that some buildings will belong to someone’s history. Indeed forms have to move you but also create sensations inside you.