The city of Turin is located in the North-West of Italy. In my opinion it can be considered one of the most beautiful cities of this country. I do not say that because I used to spend a lot of time there and enjoyed it so much, but since it’s a city that releases magic. It may be due to its wonderful landscape: indeed you can have a beautiful view from each point of the city. Imagine walking through its streets, if you look at what is closer to you, there are impressive buildings. If you decide to look further you can still see the mountains all around.

It is a city that has lived the history of Italy: it was the capital, the ancient Royal Family lived there and it has been the scene itself of thousands of important events. It has a lot of museums such as the Egyptian Museum and the Cinema Museum. Moreover, this last one is located inside a building that represents the city, called Mole: a spectacular and incredibly tall building in the heart of the city.

Turin has a lot of important squares and historical buildings which features change from the Renaissance to the Baroque, Neoclassical and Liberty. But it’s not everything! The city shows ancient Roman remains in contrast with modern constructions.