Hello everybody! My name is Carola and I’m 19 years old. I come from a small city in the Northern-West part of Italy called Asti. Even though I’ve always had a strong connection with my home land, I grew up with the dream to study abroad. When I was attending the Primary school, I loved to watch a Latin American serie on the TV and I looked for the original translations of its songs. Since that moment I started to like Spanish language and I wanted to study it. So when I was a little bit older I first had Spanish language classes. When I was 13 I went to Barcelona with my family: it was my first time in Spain but I fell in love with it immediately! It was during this travel that I decided that I would have liked to go to the university in Spain. I have to admit that it has been kind of tricky because I’ve never been sure if I would manage to do this but at the end I’m here and I’m so grateful for living my dream. Moreover during my growth I discovered a great passion: I really enjoy seeing how a building or a house was structured. Some years ago my mother and I went to see a lot of houses in my city because we decided to move from the house we were living in. Even if it was so hard to find one, I really like seeing them and every time I thought how I could have changed it or imagine different solutions. This kind of things became a sort of obsession for me and I realized that it could have been my future job. Through the years I’ve got more informed about that; now I always watch buildings all around everywhere I go and I follow thousands of Architecture pages on Instagram where I can find the latest creations and understand what I like and what I don’t. I think this is useful in order to figure out what is going to be my artistic and architectural profile.

Here it is a photograph of me. I know it’s not the kind of picture you would put on an ID card but I’m a bit shy and I don’t like smiling directly to the camera. By the way you can notice how much I love the British group The Beatles from the sunglasses I wear, the ones with the typical circular shape that John Lennon used to wear.

I don’t like talking to much of me but I think that know you may know something more about who I am.